Keeping things Green During Covid-19

Beyond getting some fresh air and going on plenty of hikes how can we keep learning green during this most unusual time, even as things are opening up?  I have found online academic games to be a fantastic way to enrich learning during a time when students are home more than usual.  Prodigy is a free online math game which challenges Avatars with math battles.  It is highly imaginative as well as being excellent math practice and has captured the attention of many of my little learners.  Another game that I love is Blooket which has a fantastic database of math and ELA games and beyond.  This is also free and they seem to be adding games which keeps it interesting.  Quizziz is another great learning platform that I purchased but is a quiz show type game with a huge database of academic quizzes.  As an author, you can also create your own quizzes.  The students that I teach like this game for the content as well as because at different points in the game there are available powers such as time eraser (erasing the timer) and 2X the points for 1 question to keep it interesting.  Finally, padlet is a free learning platform which is great for creating timelines, image boards and more. As a tutor I have found it fun to incorporate a digital recess online in which students can discuss a question of the week or an item of the week such as a favorite toy.  Although we are all struggling to determine how much screen time to allow, the Internet makes it so that learning can be fun and educational.  And following all of this online learning, I have never underestimated the benefit of a good hike with my own daughter!

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