Common Core vs. Traditional Addition Explained

Today we will take a look at two different methods of adding bigger numbers.  First, we will quickly glance at the more traditional method and second we will look at a common core example.

Many parents are quite familiar with the traditional method of adding numbers which looks something like this:

In this example, the student carries the one to the tens and then a one from the tens to the hundreds place.

Common core is quite different and looks something like this:

As you can see each number must be broken down into the hundreds, tens and ones.  After this is done for both numbers you add the hundreds, add the tens and the ones of the two numbers and then combine (see example).  Again, this method focuses quite heavily on place value.  But many parents prefer the traditional way and believe that it doesn’t involve quite as many steps.  Whatever your preference it is helpful to know both methods of addition that are currently being taught in schools.  Awareness of both methods is beneficial.

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