How To Make Learning Fun for Your Preschooler

From what I have gathered from early childhood educators with decades of experience preschool is about PLAY.  Through play children of this age learn important social skills, academics or everyday tools such as sharing.  Many parents with kids who are nearing kindergarten wonder the same question which is how do I begin to introduce academicsContinue reading “How To Make Learning Fun for Your Preschooler”

Subtraction Using Models and Common Core

Today, we will do subtraction using the common core approach as well as models.  The chart below shows both methods.  In the first example 134 is subtracted from 385 using the common core approach.  As you can see, we first break down 385 and 134 into hundreds, tens and ones.  After we do this weContinue reading Subtraction Using Models and Common Core

Common Core vs. Traditional Addition Explained

Today we will take a look at two different methods of adding bigger numbers.  First, we will quickly glance at the more traditional method and second we will look at a common core example. Many parents are quite familiar with the traditional method of adding numbers which looks something like this: In this example, theContinue reading “Common Core vs. Traditional Addition Explained”

Subtraction with Borrowing Done Two Ways

Many parents are scratching their heads as different methods of subtraction with borrowing are introduced in schools.  I will explain the common core method here and hopefully shed some light on the process. Subtraction with borrowing using the traditional method goes like this: I introduced this in my last post.  With the traditional method aContinue reading “Subtraction with Borrowing Done Two Ways”

Subtraction Done Two Ways

I am continuing my blog series on common core math problems explained.  Today’s blog focuses on subtraction done two ways. The first way that we will discuss is the method that parents are most familiar with which is subtraction with borrowing or regrouping.  An example can be seen here: This is the method that makesContinue reading “Subtraction Done Two Ways”

Food for Thought: Two different ways to approach Division

Many parents are scratching their heads as schools are teaching different methods to do math problems.  Take, for example traditional long division.  There is traditional division and common core partial quotient division.  In order to simplify the approach we will take a look at both methods. The approach that most parents are familiar with isContinue reading “Food for Thought: Two different ways to approach Division”

How to Stimulate Your Child’s Love of Reading

How to Stimulate your Child’s Interest in Reading A question that is often discussed among some of my friends is, “How can I stimulate my child’s interest in reading books?” There are many ways to stimulate reading and I will list some ideas which I have found effective. Finally encourage your kiddos and be theirContinue reading “How to Stimulate Your Child’s Love of Reading”

Preventing Summer Brain Drain: Some Tips

After the crazy year we’ve had many parents are wondering how to prevent summer brain drain which is nothing new in the education world.  There are some easy ways to approach this trend in learning: Read to your child and have your child read to you.  This is hands down a really easy and efficientContinue reading “Preventing Summer Brain Drain: Some Tips”

Teaching Kids Vocabulary and a Love of Words

Teaching kids to love the English language and how to dissect words to discover their meaning is not always easy.  In my time as a teacher and then as a tutor, I have taken many different approaches to this pedagogy.  Most recently I have embraced a Unit 1-12 bundle on root words, prefixes and suffixesContinue reading “Teaching Kids Vocabulary and a Love of Words”