Preventing Summer Brain Drain: Some Tips

After the crazy year we’ve had many parents are wondering how to prevent summer brain drain which is nothing new in the education world.  There are some easy ways to approach this trend in learning: Read to your child and have your child read to you.  This is hands down a really easy and efficientContinue reading “Preventing Summer Brain Drain: Some Tips”

Keeping things Green During Covid-19

Beyond getting some fresh air and going on plenty of hikes how can we keep learning green during this most unusual time, even as things are opening up?  I have found online academic games to be a fantastic way to enrich learning during a time when students are home more than usual.  Prodigy is aContinue reading “Keeping things Green During Covid-19”

Teaching Kids Vocabulary and a Love of Words

Teaching kids to love the English language and how to dissect words to discover their meaning is not always easy.  In my time as a teacher and then as a tutor, I have taken many different approaches to this pedagogy.  Most recently I have embraced a Unit 1-12 bundle on root words, prefixes and suffixesContinue reading “Teaching Kids Vocabulary and a Love of Words”