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The following is a continuation of testimonials from parents through the years.

Mary Carbone

“Becca is an experienced teacher of elementary-aged school children.  She is both patient, firm, and motivating.  My daughter worked with her on strengthening math skills and boosting confidence from third through fifth grade.  Since Becca was a classroom teacher in Fairfax County, she understands the Virginia Standards of Learning and weaves those into her lessons to strengthen areas of need.  Similarly, Becca tailors her lessons to each student.  For example, my daughter was really loving Harry Potter and was highly motivated when Becca incorporated that theme into their weekly routine. If you are looking for a caring, competent, reliable, and patient teacher to work one-on-one with your child, do not hesitate to reach out to Becca.”

Tod Talley

“Rebecca Ferenchak tutored our kids for over 5 years! She is genuinely good natured as well as patient, thorough, and extremely well prepared. Becca met with them at least once a week and from time to time twice a week if the kids were finding their lessons particularly challenging. When necessary Becca would communicate directly with our children’s teachers to coordinate the most effective way to help the kids. Both of our children benefitted greatly from working with Becca and we highly recommend her as a tutor.”

“Education is improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.”

Marian Wright Edelman

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