Welcome to my testimonials page! Find out what makes my service special and different from the rest from parents who have hired me throughout the years.

Below are testimonials from parents who have firsthand experience with my tutoring, which is offered for math, reading and writing instruction.

Bree Bell

“I could not have survived the elementary school years without the help of Miss Becca. My children have two totally different learning styles and she was able to captivate both of them and individually teach them in different ways so they would understand the material better. They showed such a great improvement after using Miss Becca we just kept her on each year throughout elementary school. She was also very good at providing me feedback and different things I could work with the kids on during the week. She was such a key resource for our family during their elementary education years.”

Rosebelle Llosa

“Before children, I was a teacher. Once I had my oldest I kept delaying putting him in school until I finally decided to homeschool. But I did not want to reproduce school at home or be his teacher. I wanted to follow his lead and us both to learn through play and interaction in the world. Once a year though I would have him take a test by a qualified individual in order to turn in proof to the state that he was making progress every year. That’s how we found Miss Becca. And I’m so grateful we did. Soon after she became my oldest child’s tutor and then, eventually my second child’s tutor. We’ve been with her for 5+ years. Miss Becca is so flexible and so fun and both of my kids, who are very different, work so well with her. They both have different strengths and different weaknesses-in their emotions, temperaments and school set skills. Miss Becca adjusts to them while still pushing and challenging them in a fun and safe way. I love that while Miss Becca has her own ideas and program for each child she is also always open and receptive to my thoughts and ideas. If I want her to add or take away something, she will. If we go out of town she is happy to do zoom with us or for us to have a break. If a time doesn’t work, she works with us. Miss Becca listens to my children. She’s respectful and also encouraging of their thoughts and ideas. If she sees they are overtired or something isn’t working, she will switch or on the ball adjust to make the best out of the session. I also love that Miss Becca gives brief email synopsis of her sessions so I can be aware of their interactions and also give my input. It’s very helpful. We are grateful we found her.”

Ritu Cuttica

“My girls have worked with Rebecca for over 5 yrs. They always looked forward to their sessions because she made learning fun. She has the ability to motivate, challenge , and engage young children and keep that momentum going for years to come. Rebecca is creative with her learning style, and taps into strengthening weaknesses while challenging our girls’ strongpoints.”

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

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